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Is a Music Promotions Company/Record Label set up for the primary purpose of promoting and bringing to the forefront unsigned Artist struggling to bring their music to the attention of the general public.


Over Yonder Promotions was founded by a Songwriter/Musician who understands what the struggle is all about, therefore is committed to lending a helping hand to other writers, musician and artist who are looking for that break through.  


We work with a team of highly qualify individuals who have many years of experience in the music industry as session, semi and professional musicians.


Over Yonder Promotions have already supported a number of Artists, to release high quality music and has formed links with various music distributors.


We provide:


  • Original sounding material with a commercial edge.

  • Originally written music.

  • Extremely high standard in productions.

  • Positive, constructive and valued advise at all times.


We also ensure that:


  • Artist retains Copyright, Artistic control and receive fairness where there is royalty split.

  • Awarded fairly regarding pay for play contracts or agreements.


While we are busy championing Local/Independent UK Artist into the music industry, we are also forming positive links nationally and internationally building our reputation as one of the UK's Promotions Company/Record Label.

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